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This season we are expanding our body of work to include several new creations, which will continue to actively explore movement on multiple platforms. In doing so, we will endeavor to expand the mechanisms by which dance is communicated to audiences worldwide. Below is an outline of our upcoming agenda.

  • BLOOD ECHOES - New dance on film work commissioned by ABT dancer, Gabe Stone Shayer.

  • Completion of ‘THE GOLD INSIDE’ series.

  • YOU ARE ALMOST YOU - Short Film

  • DON’T MISS IT - Short Film

  • IN PRESENCE OF ABSENCE - Development of first live work in New York City.

  • Choreographic Development Residency

In addition to the production of these works and the growth of our repertoire, we also intend to provide a progressive educational program for emerging dancers that focuses not simply on developing exceptional technicians but consummate artists. It is our belief that the up-and-coming generation of dancers should integrate a multitude of art forms as a complement to their technical training. Our goal is to facilitate a unique program that supports these individuals in establishing sustainable and diverse careers in the art world.

To get involved and support annoDAM’s upcoming work or for new commissions. please connect with us on our contribute + collaborate page.