The Gold Inside

‘The Gold Inside’ is an ongoing movement based film series that prioritizes a process over a consciously driven outcome., To date, the films have been shot on 3 different film stocks and features NYC based dancers, Leal Zielinska, Morgan Bobrow-Williams, Cesar Brodermann and Sebastian Abarbanell. Directed and conceptualized by Amy Gardner, the series honors the creative process of French painter, Francois Morellet, alongside an intimate interview,  encompassing twofold system for extracting movement from our muses.  Collaborators thus far include filmmakers Matthew Ballard, Jaclyn Martinez and production company, ALL EXPANDED.  The series is scheduled to continue shooting over the course of the following year, with hopes of an eventual exhibition and 11 films.  For more information and  to contribute please email or email us on the contribution page. 

THE GOLD INSIDE - Official Teaser