'FUEL' was created to explore the complexities of feminism,  current social conditions and human nature by fusing movement, fashion and film. Lead by 7 women and shot on Kodak 35mm film, the motion picture intends to encapsulate these raw and vulnerable topics inconclusively, and aims to leave the audience questioning their own perspective.

FUEL - Teaser


  • Director: Amy Gardner

  • DOP: Katelin Arizmendi

  • SteadiCam: Stew Cantrell

  • Choreography: Loni Landon and Amy Gardner

  • Producers: Marina Cukeric, Emi Stewart | ALL EXPLANDED

  • Managing Producer: Roxanne Doucet

  • Art Direction / Styling: Ashley Owens

  • Photographer | Stills : Jaclyn Martinez

  • Colorist: Tom Poole

  • Makeup Artist: Clara Rae

  • Hair Stylist: Junya Nakashima

  • 1st AC: Dave Flannigan

  • Gaffer: Geoff Taylor

  • Key Grip: Zach Frank

  • PA: Brendan Gosse


  • Nikki King

  • Sy Gaskin

  • Kibrea Carmichael

  • Cara Diaz

  • Cesar Brodermann

  • Courtney Barth

  • Jen Fournier

  • Miranda Chan

  • Nicola Collie

  • Maxwell Perkins

  • Gwen Mackenzie

  • Shelby Jane Terrell

  • Emily Wohl

  • Caitlin Taylor

  • Garrett Steagall